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How Chiropractic Care Has Changed My Life

I have never taken a moment to look back and see what has changed. I woke up three years ago unable to turn my head. That was my defining moment when I knew that I had to heal the problem, not just the symptoms, especially at age 29.

My three children and I have been seeing Dr. Deborah for just over two and a half years. I am free of the migraines that have troubled me for ever 10 years! My children are free of ear infections and other childhood aches and pains. One of my children has vision challenges- chiropractic relieves the pain he accumulates in his neck and head due to eye strain. We are all free from antibiotics now and have been since coming to this clinic. Chiropractic has changed our lives- just ask our pediatrician and my internal medicine doctor. I recently took my daughter in for her yearly well-check.

Chiropractic is my personal secret weapon to good health and just feeling great.

Kirkland Life Chiropractic has the philosophy that helps me maintain my health. My three times a week regime (plus traction) helped me to reduce and finally eliminate my arm numbness within two weeks of starting my treatment, while keeping my back and neck feeling happy and pain free.

Dr. Deborah and the whole team are awesome to work with, always professional and happy. Their dedication to chiropractic makes my plight so easy.

Thanks Team!!!

Tami Green


How Chiropractic Changed my Life…

Can one just ever “mind your own business” while driving in Seattle traffic? Not really. Even when I try, I still end up on the backend of someone’s bumper or someone else hitching on mine for a tow. Two accidents later and multiple “traditional” doctors later, I was open to exploring other options, even charms or spells. Anything to get rid of the back pain. And then someone not so close to me suggested chiropractic.

I have had “back problems” for over 10 years due to sports related injuries. I had tried massage and acupuncture and was constantly cracking my own neck and back to try and relieve the pain. By the time of my first appointment with Kirkland Life Chiropractic, I had had a constant headache that had lasted over a month. I was depressed and irritable and couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable, so I was always exhausted. I pretty much dropped out of sight at my gym and could barely keep up with my busy travel schedule at work.

Why I Go To The Chiropractor
By Danielle Vavra

I go to the chiropractor because, being a gymnast, I need to have good alignment, good posture, and be flexible.

I work out at the gym for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, and that takes a toll on my body. All the running, jumping, swinging and leaping is hard on my wrists, knees, and ankles. Recently I sprained my wrist, and if I hadn’t gotten adjusted frequently, I would have been out for at least another week.

Dr. Deb in the Kirkland Courier
Chiropractic Care and Nutrition gives my body new life.

Through 3 years of High School and 6 years of Collage, I majored in snowboarding and ‘minored’ in Engineering. In the early 90’s, my body took a real beating because the rocky mountains typically had bad snow conditions (i.e. icy, flat landings,) and poorly designed jumps. Despite no coaching, and no home training ground, I and my brother earned national rankings 3 years in a row.

This is a letter of recommendation and thanks for Kirkland Life Chiropractic. My daughter Alyssa is 10 years old and plays fast pitch softball. She plays second base, catcher and pitcher. With her regular practices and playing 6 to 8 games per week she is in good physical condition, but she started having back pain. Her pitching and hitting Coach, who played college softball, recommended Dr Deborah at Kirkland life Chiropractic. We called Dr Deborah and she fit Alyssa in immediately, and scheduled us in on a Saturday morning.

Dear Dr. Deborah,

I am so thankful for the miracles you have provided for me, I want to share my experience with others with the expectation that it can help them if they are considering chiropractic services. I strongly recommend your services based on the following experiences:



MASSAGE AVAILABLE! KLC is excited to offer massage appointments in our office!  Appointments are available by appointment only and are available mornings and afternoons 7 days a week.