Initial Visit

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On your initial visit and every visit to our office you can expect to be treated promptly and professionally with courtesy and compassion. We pride our office to be an environment that is welcoming and pleasant to be in during each and every visit.

After completing brief but required paperwork, your doctor will take a case history consisting of a thorough review of your specific problem as well as a review of your relevant past history and overall health. An examination will then be performed which will consist of tests specific to your problem. These tests include:

Range of Motion Studies to determine normal or abnormal movement for areas of your spine or extremities

Neurological Studies such as reflex testing or sensory testing to determine if there is any neurological deficiency

Orthopedic Testing to determine areas of musculoskeletal impairment and identify specific areas of injury

Spinal Palpation to determine normal or abnormal movement of your spinal joints and muscles

Postural Evaluation to determine normal or abnormal posture including observation for Forward Head Posture, Scoliosis, and Hip Unleveling

X-ray in some cases will be needed based on your history and exam results to determine the source of your problem and to rule out the possibilities of any pathological processes

After your initial evaluation procedures are complete your doctor should have all the information he or she needs in order to determine your condition, if it is a chiropractic case, and communicate a treatment plan and the next steps necessary towards health. If it is not a chiropractic problem you will be given a referral to the appropriate practitioner. Click on the link to schedule your initial visit to our office.



MASSAGE AVAILABLE! KLC is excited to offer massage appointments in our office!  Appointments are available by appointment only and are available mornings and afternoons 7 days a week.