MASSAGE AVAILABLE! KLC is excited to offer massage appointments in our office!  Appointments are available by appointment only and are available mornings and afternoons 7 days a week. 

How Chiropractic Care Has Changed My Life...


How Chiropractic Care Has Changed My Life

I have never taken a moment to look back and see what has changed. I woke up three years ago unable to turn my head. That was my defining moment when I knew that I had to heal the problem, not just the symptoms, especially at age 29.

When I started at KLC, I had a seven degree neck curve. Now through adjustments and traction I am at twenty-six and climbing. My sore throats have disappeared, almost completely, and I no longer wake up in pain. I still the occasional bouts of sinusitis but my body is healing them. I no longer take antibiotics or other medicine unless absolutely necessary. I have discovered that self healing works for me.

Once you grasp the concept that your body is your most precious resource you start to treat yourself better. I have added so many positives aside from chiropractic care- massage therapy, daily exercise, better nutrition. I have learned the importance of finding peace and serenity.